Cherish Every Moment

Hi ๐Ÿ™‚

I haven’t posted for a while, I thought it would be a good time to write about how we need to appreciate every moment that we have with our little ones. With all of the recent tragedies that have occurred its made me look at things differently. Becoming a mum has made me more aware of things and somewhat more emotional. So when I have been seeing what has been going on with the recent terrorist attacks in the UK and also the fire in West London its made me look at it all from a different perspective. Before I had Nylah I was just doing my own thing and going out, the normal things that you do in your late teens – early twenties. She changed me, my mindset and patience levels and I wouldn’t change her for the world.

With all the current sadness that has happened its just made me realise that life really is short and that you never know what tomorrow may bring. So the little things that may annoy us or put us in a bad mood in the grand scheme of things are irrelevant. As long as we have our health and can give our babies the best life possible that is all that really matters.

Its the time spent not the money spent that are memories for a life time.

Lets enjoy every moment as before I became a Mum I always used to hear parents say “Oh they grow up so fast.” This is so true, it only feels like yesterday that Nylah was a little new born and I could just keep her in my arms. Now I’m lucky if I get cuddles from her at all Lol.

Being a parent is a blessing and so are our Bubbas.

Lots of Love,

Nylahs Mum x


Have You Tried?

Hi ๐Ÿ™‚

So this post is all about the polite smile that you have to give when what you really want to do is say F*** O**!

What am I talking about? So whether it was because Nylah is my first baby or because I was classed as a “young mum” by having her just 1 week after my 23rd birthday I don’t know. But I”m hoping that I’m not the only one that has experienced what I’m about to say.

Having Nylah and of course people wanting to see the newborn baby I felt came along with a lot of unnecessary mentions of things I “should be doing” with her. It may sound like I’m just being ungrateful that people was offering advice. But the truth is I don’t want your advice unless I ask for it. The amount of times out of nowhere did I have the “have you tried?” being thrown at me for things that wasn’t even relevant to the conversation. For example I remember having a conversation with a family members friend and they asked, “does she sleep through the night yet?” (Please bare in mind that she was only about 6 weeks at the time). ย I politely responded with “no not yet” ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜ I was then asked “have you tried giving her some Infacol?” ermmmm hello she doesn’t sleep because she is 6 weeks old?! not once did I mention anything about having any problems that would have benefited from Infacol.

Having a baby is such an amazing and personal experience I feel that the only people that should be saying what they think you should be doing are your family or closest friends.

Don’t get me wrong I love to hear about other peoples parenting experiences and think what would I do in that specific situation or what can I take away from what they are saying. I’m the first to go to my Mum or my friends with any queries about Nylah. For example when she started teething I asked my other Mummy friends what they did or what they used to help.

My point is that when you have a baby your constantly thinking am I doing this right? Are they feeding enough? ECT. So to have someone that isn’t close to you or that isn’t a mum to start TELLING you what you SHOULD be doing is just sooo unnecessary. I make a conscious effort of not saying anything to anyone about how they do certain things with their baby even if I think it’s something that I wouldn’t personally do. The whole “you should” or “have you tried?” just doesn’t help and chances are they already have tried certain things or what your suggesting just doesn’t make sense.

Everyone’s parenting journey is individual and personal. Never let any one question what your doing because it is hard and chances are you are doing the right thing. Nobody knows your baby better than you!

Lots of love

Nylahs Mum x

Its Okay To Ask For Help!

Hi ๐Ÿ™‚

Its Mental Health Awareness Week and I wanted to voice my views on mental health and being a parent. There is lots of coverage about people in high places and those in the public eye bravely disclosing their personal battles with mental health but I feel as though there isn’t anything readily available for Mums and Dads. Of course there is services available if you feel you need to turn to somebody but I think that in society in general there isn’t enough said about it.

Post Natal Depression for example I feel is something that new mums feel that they cant talk about. The thought of what people are going to say if you open up? or even admitting to yourself that you are struggling to bond with your baby. Even how it affects your partner or family life in general. I feel as though there should be more awareness about Post Natal Depression so that partners, friends or family can see signs or certain patterns and proceed to help.

I want more awareness made so that Mums and Dads know that it is okay to ask for help! And that they won’t be judged. I have suffered with Anxiety and Panic Attacks in the past and asking for help is the best way to break the cycle and move forward.

I follow alot of Mum/Parent forums and when I read through the posts there are so many from mums seeking advice from other mums because they are too afraid to seek help from their GP or to even reach out too people close to them. It’s sad but it shouldn’t be the case.

We are all human and its important to do things that help with the mind and ย our general well being. It could be meeting with friends, going for a walk or even some retail therapy. We must not forget to take time out for ourselves!

Just remember IT’S OKAY TO ASK FOR HELP! ๐Ÿ™‚

Lots Of Love

Nylahs Mum x

What is best?

With so many products to choose from its hard to know which one to use. The majority of the time I feel as though its a case of trial and error to find what is best.

Being a beauty therapist I know how important a daily skin care routine is and that finding the right products is not always easy.

I have been using the Palmers Cocoaย Butter Baby Butter on Nylah for a while now but have found that it does not seem to soak into the skin very well anymore. Whether that is because her skin is too used to it now, or that now she is older and is more active her legs and arms seem to get more dry more quickly. I don’t know. The quick crawl away on the carpet that she does when its time for a nappy change may also have something to do with dryer knees!

So I have seen that Dove have brought out a baby range. I have noticed that on one of the adverts they have they show the comparison of how drying other products are compared to their one. With lots of baby events on at the moment I thought it would be a good idea to try some new products at a cheaper price. I picked up the Baby Dove Lotion from Boots which currently have the range on promotion. Its got a nice fresh scent nothing too strong. And after only a couple of days it seems to be working really well with one daily application. It applies with ease and seems to soak into the skin without leaving a sticky or greasy layer.

Nylah does not seem that impressed with it as she can’t open the lid!

Happy experimenting ๐Ÿ™‚ If you can with out them trying to run away that is!

Lots of love

Nylahs Mum x


Hello. Hi. Why?

Hey to all the Mummies and Daddies and soon to be Mummies and Daddies ๐Ÿ™‚

I decided to start this blog as I feel as though there are so many pressures as a parent, and it can leave us constantly wondering if we are doing the right thing. The purpose of my blog is to show the reality of being a parent to a 15month old.

Many blogs and baby related sites will show you the perfectly tidied away toys, the toddlers that never throw tantrums and the mums and dads that are never stressed! The reality is your house can go from perfectly tidy to looking as though toys r us have had a 50% off flash sale, your white jeans covered in sticky finger prints and some kind of toddler tantrum all before lunch time!

I want to update and post as often as I can. I felt the need to write this as it took me a while to realise that parenting is all about what you feel is best and that nobody knows your child better than you.

I want you to read these posts and smile as the journey of parenting should be an enjoyable and as stress free as possible!

Lots of love

Nylahs Mum x