What is best?

With so many products to choose from its hard to know which one to use. The majority of the time I feel as though its a case of trial and error to find what is best.

Being a beauty therapist I know how important a daily skin care routine is and that finding the right products is not always easy.

I have been using the Palmers Cocoa Butter Baby Butter on Nylah for a while now but have found that it does not seem to soak into the skin very well anymore. Whether that is because her skin is too used to it now, or that now she is older and is more active her legs and arms seem to get more dry more quickly. I don’t know. The quick crawl away on the carpet that she does when its time for a nappy change may also have something to do with dryer knees!

So I have seen that Dove have brought out a baby range. I have noticed that on one of the adverts they have they show the comparison of how drying other products are compared to their one. With lots of baby events on at the moment I thought it would be a good idea to try some new products at a cheaper price. I picked up the Baby Dove Lotion from Boots which currently have the range on promotion. Its got a nice fresh scent nothing too strong. And after only a couple of days it seems to be working really well with one daily application. It applies with ease and seems to soak into the skin without leaving a sticky or greasy layer.

Nylah does not seem that impressed with it as she can’t open the lid!

Happy experimenting 🙂 If you can with out them trying to run away that is!

Lots of love

Nylahs Mum x



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