Its Okay To Ask For Help!

Hi 🙂

Its Mental Health Awareness Week and I wanted to voice my views on mental health and being a parent. There is lots of coverage about people in high places and those in the public eye bravely disclosing their personal battles with mental health but I feel as though there isn’t anything readily available for Mums and Dads. Of course there is services available if you feel you need to turn to somebody but I think that in society in general there isn’t enough said about it.

Post Natal Depression for example I feel is something that new mums feel that they cant talk about. The thought of what people are going to say if you open up? or even admitting to yourself that you are struggling to bond with your baby. Even how it affects your partner or family life in general. I feel as though there should be more awareness about Post Natal Depression so that partners, friends or family can see signs or certain patterns and proceed to help.

I want more awareness made so that Mums and Dads know that it is okay to ask for help! And that they won’t be judged. I have suffered with Anxiety and Panic Attacks in the past and asking for help is the best way to break the cycle and move forward.

I follow alot of Mum/Parent forums and when I read through the posts there are so many from mums seeking advice from other mums because they are too afraid to seek help from their GP or to even reach out too people close to them. It’s sad but it shouldn’t be the case.

We are all human and its important to do things that help with the mind and  our general well being. It could be meeting with friends, going for a walk or even some retail therapy. We must not forget to take time out for ourselves!

Just remember IT’S OKAY TO ASK FOR HELP! 🙂

Lots Of Love

Nylahs Mum x


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