Have You Tried?

Hi 🙂

So this post is all about the polite smile that you have to give when what you really want to do is say F*** O**!

What am I talking about? So whether it was because Nylah is my first baby or because I was classed as a “young mum” by having her just 1 week after my 23rd birthday I don’t know. But I”m hoping that I’m not the only one that has experienced what I’m about to say.

Having Nylah and of course people wanting to see the newborn baby I felt came along with a lot of unnecessary mentions of things I “should be doing” with her. It may sound like I’m just being ungrateful that people was offering advice. But the truth is I don’t want your advice unless I ask for it. The amount of times out of nowhere did I have the “have you tried?” being thrown at me for things that wasn’t even relevant to the conversation. For example I remember having a conversation with a family members friend and they asked, “does she sleep through the night yet?” (Please bare in mind that she was only about 6 weeks at the time).  I politely responded with “no not yet” 🙂 😐 I was then asked “have you tried giving her some Infacol?” ermmmm hello she doesn’t sleep because she is 6 weeks old?! not once did I mention anything about having any problems that would have benefited from Infacol.

Having a baby is such an amazing and personal experience I feel that the only people that should be saying what they think you should be doing are your family or closest friends.

Don’t get me wrong I love to hear about other peoples parenting experiences and think what would I do in that specific situation or what can I take away from what they are saying. I’m the first to go to my Mum or my friends with any queries about Nylah. For example when she started teething I asked my other Mummy friends what they did or what they used to help.

My point is that when you have a baby your constantly thinking am I doing this right? Are they feeding enough? ECT. So to have someone that isn’t close to you or that isn’t a mum to start TELLING you what you SHOULD be doing is just sooo unnecessary. I make a conscious effort of not saying anything to anyone about how they do certain things with their baby even if I think it’s something that I wouldn’t personally do. The whole “you should” or “have you tried?” just doesn’t help and chances are they already have tried certain things or what your suggesting just doesn’t make sense.

Everyone’s parenting journey is individual and personal. Never let any one question what your doing because it is hard and chances are you are doing the right thing. Nobody knows your baby better than you!

Lots of love

Nylahs Mum x


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