Cherish Every Moment

Hi 🙂

I haven’t posted for a while, I thought it would be a good time to write about how we need to appreciate every moment that we have with our little ones. With all of the recent tragedies that have occurred its made me look at things differently. Becoming a mum has made me more aware of things and somewhat more emotional. So when I have been seeing what has been going on with the recent terrorist attacks in the UK and also the fire in West London its made me look at it all from a different perspective. Before I had Nylah I was just doing my own thing and going out, the normal things that you do in your late teens – early twenties. She changed me, my mindset and patience levels and I wouldn’t change her for the world.

With all the current sadness that has happened its just made me realise that life really is short and that you never know what tomorrow may bring. So the little things that may annoy us or put us in a bad mood in the grand scheme of things are irrelevant. As long as we have our health and can give our babies the best life possible that is all that really matters.

Its the time spent not the money spent that are memories for a life time.

Lets enjoy every moment as before I became a Mum I always used to hear parents say “Oh they grow up so fast.” This is so true, it only feels like yesterday that Nylah was a little new born and I could just keep her in my arms. Now I’m lucky if I get cuddles from her at all Lol.

Being a parent is a blessing and so are our Bubbas.

Lots of Love,

Nylahs Mum x


One thought on “Cherish Every Moment

  1. I agree life is too short forreal so to wake up daily and be in your child’s company is a gift in itself people tend to cherish the big things not realising they are the little things .. Our little human beings are life and without us knowing teach us about the big things in life 💯


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